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Elections, plants and ponds

There’s a lot going on in Camp MAD lately… well that’s what it seems like even if it doesn’t look like it from the outside.  But first!  To the big news in Britain…  the election!  Just as I predicted, Labour got totally thrashed by the Conservatives.  Typically I am a Labour and/or Green voter but even in this case I couldn’t cast a vote for Labour’s Ed Milliband, who seemed incapable of detailing any of his high level ideas, including how exactly he would form a coalition if he didn’t win a majority… which he was never going to do anyways… so it was all very… confusing.

Not to mention he looks a little bit too much like Bert from Sesame Street to be trusted at Number 10.

bertportrait MILI620_1706628a

Anyways I cast my vote for the Green Candidate at the local polling station here in Dinas on Thursday.  It was at Yr Hen Ysgol (the old school) where Aled went to primary school.  It’s at the center of our little town, right across from the gas station.  It’s also where I go to yoga, and play group with Morgy if he isn’t napping.


Initially I was going to vote for the Liberal Democratic candidate but because they do first past the post (by constituency) I knew neither vote would really count so I thought I would stay Green.  The Greens were, after all, the only party that even really mentioned climate change.

It turned out to be quite an interesting election with some surprising results.  The Conservatives got in with a majority, SNP won by a landslide in Scotland, and thankfully UKIP’s Nigel Farage got booted out.  The Greens only got one seat down in Brighton.

With the election behind us, life carries on as usual here in our little camp.  April showers have brought May flowers, so there is lots to see in the garden and fields.  As Steve is Pembrokeshire’s Chief Botanical Officer (or something to that effect), I am being educated on all things botanical.  Steve tells me and Morgy all sorts of things about the vegetation surrounding us on our daily walks.  Much of it goes in one ear and out the other (especially the Latin names for plants) but some sinks in.  Look!  I will show off some recently garnered knowledge by telling you that the comfrey is my favorite flower so far.


I have also been warned about Hemlock water dropwort.  Besides being a mouthful to say, it’s also deathly poisonous.  I think it looks a little like parsley (I know, what an amateur!) so don’t suddenly decide to pick some fresh herbs for a stew if you are tramping through a marsh.  Seriously.  This information could save your life!


Taidi (aka Steve) is meanwhile very busy planting various fruits and vegetables in the garden and green houses.


As if growing all his own fruit and veg wasn’t enough, he’s also been digging a series of ponds in the new fields to create habitats and ecosystems for native plants and creatures whose homes are being destroyed by industrial farming practices.  Yes, while the rest of us spend our money on tablets and phones, Steve is saving native grass species, dragonflies and frogs.  Steve, we thank you and salute your efforts.  (Don’t worry everyone, I too feel my weekly, kerbside recycling disposal is hopelessly inadequate!)


Look at these cascading ponds with Newport Head in the background.  Very cool.


Speaking of ponds, we bought tickets to fly over a rather large one next week!  Yes, Morgy will finally get to meet his American relatives.  Very exciting indeed.  So I had better get packing…! Oh wait, here’s a photo of Morgy with Nanna and Taidi as they take a moment out of their busy day to smell the flowers with their grandson.