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April happenings

As usual the days and weeks are flying. I’m exhausted this evening but am determined to overcome the tiredness and to tackle the to do list that seems to stay the same darn length!!  Morgy’s just gone to bed and I’m tempted to crawl into my own but NO! An update is required!

Another month has practically disappeared — can you believe it’s nearly May? The other night I was writing in my journal and I scribbled 16 April 2014. Usually when one makes these sorts of mistakes it’s usually by a year… not two!!  Sign of the times, sign of the times.

Camp MAD has been on some interesting adventures near and far.  This photo was taken on the last day of March up in the beautiful Brecon Beacons.  Aled took Morgan up the mountains and they made a few giant snow balls and pushed them off the edge.  Please note there is irrefutable proof in this picture that the sun does actually shine in Wales on some days.  Unfortunately this seems to occur only on days when Momma is locked inside an office.  Never mind!


Nanna and Teidi came to visit a couple of times in April.  Morgan has become completely obsessed with choo choo trains since going to the Netherlands so we visit the train station frequently.


When we dropped Nanna and Teidi off this time around we decided we might as well get on our own train so we went on a little trip down to Penarth, a small town south of Cardiff on the water’s edge.  We explored the pier and had a snack.


Train journeys continued with a trip on the cutest steam train I’ve ever seen, the Brecon Mountain Railway.  A fabulous trip for parents and kids alike — I’d give it six stars out of five if I could.  It leaves from the station at Pant and goes all the way up to Torpantau along a beautiful reservoir.


Look at this little engine!  We loved it so much we grabbed the brochures for all the other little steam engines in Wales.


The weekend before last we took a trip to visit Aled’s youngest brother Hefin, his wife Emma and their son Elis.  They live all the way over in Norwich, a city on the east side of England.  If you drove straight from Cardiff to Norwich and hit no traffic, Google says you can do it in 4 hours and 15 minutes.  However if you have a toddler and want to stop and see things along the way, it can take eight hours, fun fun!!  And the M25, oh the M25!  If ever there was a road from hell, it’s the M25, the ring road around London.  AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

So here’s the two little cutie pies, Elis and Morgy.  I can’t imagine what sort of trouble these two cousins will get up to when they are older!!


As always, Hefin and Emma showed us a great time.  We toured the Norwich castle first and then the cathedral.  Here’s Auntie Emma and Morgy:


Day 2 saw us taking full advantage of our new National Trust membership as we visited Blickling Hall.  What a beautiful spot!


Now while I spend a fair amount of time pining for old NZ, I must admit I love the sight of these old buildings and you won’t come across many (if any?) 400 year old buildings in New Zealand.  Honestly it blows my mind when you think about that sort of quality.  How many buildings are we building nowadays which will be standing in 2400?


The gardens are beautiful too.  Here’s Morgy getting another life lesson from Dada.


Here’s the boys — Uncle Hefin, Elis, Morgy and Aled enjoying a moment of sunshine.  It’s been unseasonably cold lately but hey, it’s sunny.  That’s all one can really ask for!


So that’s that — but before I sign off I wanted to share two pictures from the drive across the country.  Sorry they’re a bit blurry but worth a comment.  First a field of solar panels.  I saw a few of these en route and was astounded by the sheer number of panels so close together.  I’m interested to know what percentage of Britain’s energy comes from renewable sources but am too tired to Google right now.  With all those panels who needs fossil fuels anymore?!  As more and more dinosaurs appear in my living room I am starting to feel even worse that we are burning all their remains just to get from A to B.


And then this curiosity:


Yes, the Cambridge Pet Crematorium.  May wonders never cease.