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Autumn 2016

Hi everyone! How’s it going? hopefully well. We are good but generally exhausted as we’ve been fighting various bugs for the past three weeks (sometimes it feels like eternity!). With Morgan at nursery two days a week, he picks up every single bug possible and brings them home to share with Momma and Dadda. And the bugs seem to hang around and mutate and re-appear in a slightly different form. Have you noticed that colds and viruses seem to be getting stronger in your neck of the woods too?

Bugs aside, I must report that the weather in Cardiff has been pretty fantastic since we’ve returned from America. It’s been sunny and settled — frankly far better than most of the summer. We get out and about to enjoy it as much as possible. I remember last September being quite nice and I took it for granted. Not this year! Any time it’s sunny, we’re out on our bikes, walking around the park, eating lunch in the backyard, etc. It’s great.

Now as I’m literally propping my eyelids open to write this, I will quickly share a few pics from the past month. Honestly I have no idea sometimes where the time goes — while it’s great to be settling into a routine, I have noticed that the weeks and months slip by much more quickly. Is it just me or has 2016 almost evaporated into thin air?!

Anyways back to mid-September, when we were visited by Anthea M, an old colleague from Inland Revenue. She was doing the Ironman race in Tenby, Wales and stopped at our house en route. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the craziness of an Ironman, it’s essentially a triathlon on steroids: 2.4 mile swim, 112 miles bike, 26.2 miles run. Yes, after cycling over a 100 miles, they run a marathon. And Anthea did this all in about 11.5 hours! Look at this lady — what a super star!! So proud of her! Our good friend Richard M managed it too, but not quite as fast… but still about 20 hours faster than I could ever do it so hats off to both of you. Well done.


What else?  We’ve taken two little trips outside of Cardiff to check out some really awesome sites.  First was Dan yr Ogof, a wacky combination of some really amazing caves and…


… dinosaurs!!  How could one resist?!  Of course the camera ran out of batteries after this one photo and I can’t be bothered retrieving the pics off my phone.  Anyways definitely a must see if you are in the Brecons and have a son who is dino-obsessed!  Although I don’t personally love caves (I am getting a little claustrophobic it seems — and let’s face it, I hate cold and I hate damp!), the Cathedral Cave was very impressive.  (For those of you looking for an unusual wedding venue, you’ll be pleased to know they do ceremonies in this cave!)  We were also pleased to read that the caves were discovered by the Morgan brothers.

We continued our explorations of Wales by visiting some Roman ruins in a little town north of Newport called Caerleon.  Here we are heading towards the amphitheater…


…which Morg had a blast climbing around.


Here’s the boys in a Tuscan-like garden:


Otherwise not much more to report — oh wait, I went to see Alvin Ailey with my friend Ailsa from work and loved it!  I think I last saw Ailey in Boston — that means it must have been between 1998 – 2002… crikey!  It was fab.  And of course, like much of the world, we are watching the next political disaster of the year developing in America, cringing at the possibility that Donald Trump could become president.  It seems inconceivable that anyone would even consider voting for a person with such a lack of basic morals, but having lived through Brexit here, I know anything is possible.  Sadly.


Those are mints I picked up at Newark on the way back to Cardiff in September.  I mailed my absentee ballot last week for my fellow Wellesley alum and I’d urge all my American friends to do the same.  If you know any Americans abroad from swing states in particular, make sure they’re voting!  Complacency of smart people can have disastrous consequences!