And that was January folks!

Hello everyone and happy February! Will see how fast I can write this post — it’s been a long day of stay-at-home-mummyhood and I am keen to go to sleep!!

So January has come and gone and was full of various adventures. I started a new job and I am finding it really energising, which makes a great change from the post I’d been in for the past 16 months. It’s early days and I don’t want to jinx it but I feel hopeful I can help the Division really improve their ways of working so I’m going with the positive vibes — long may they last!

As a family we’re in a new routine which I think is working better than the pre-xmas situation. I work three days and Aled works four — so we’ve arranged it that Morgy goes to nursery on two days. It’s a bit stressful trying to do a senior position on three days a week but I feel lucky to have secured such a situation so am making it work.

On our days off, we’ve been out and about, doing our best not to let the winter blues get to us. As I probably wrote in a previous post, this year’s weather has been far less rainy and wet than last year’s which has made a world of difference to me. It has been colder this year than last but I don’t really care about the temperature as long as it’s not raining!

We were lucky to get some snow earlier on in January, so headed for the Brecons with a new (and very cheap!) red sled.

sleigh riding

We also made a snow troll:


As it’s been relatively cold, we’ve explored some more indoor options for the yucky weather days.  Our new favourite place is called Techniquest, a science center type place where school kids can go learn about natural phenomena through interactive exhibits…


Morgy loves it and Aled and I love taking him there.  Geek that I am, I bought the year-long pass — only 20 pounds when a one time entry is 7.50.  Bargain!


It was nice and sunny last weekend so we headed up to see Caerphilly Castle which is pretty cool.  Check out that tower leaning over on the right hand side…  And a nice moat right?!


Here’s the boys at the entrance:


Morg and Dadda also took a trip up to a lake in the Brecons yesterday while I was at work.  Morgy looks very grown up in this picture.

brecons 2

Oh speaking of being grown up — we are doing potty training!  Morgy has transitioned quite easily to doing pee-pee in the potty but poo-poo in the potty is still proving to be a challenge.  We’ll get there soon I hope!  He’s only in a nappy when he goes to bed now though which is great.  Good riddance nappies, you’ve been so annoying.

That’s also a great segway into my next bit of news — the last frontier on the DIY front:

downstairs loo

That is our hideous downstairs loo.  Note the super abrasive stucco wall on the right and the terrible hand-made tiles above the sink.  That should be a lesson to us all: don’t design tiles for your bathroom while under the influence!

Anyways we had a great plan in place to rectify this “situation” — but I think the plumber who gave us a quote three weeks ago has abandoned the quest.  He turned up last week to install a new boiler (which was step one) only to discover that it was about 5cm too big for the space.  As of today he hasn’t been able to locate a high quality smaller one.  On the same day I went to pick up slate tiles I had ordered for the floor (to match the kitchen ones) only to find Topps had mistakenly ordered tiles that were about triple the size of the ones in the kitchen… So we’re back to the drawing board 🙁

In other home furnishing news, I have finally managed to get my hands on an extendable pine table — after many, many months of looking.  This one came from a very nice lady in Devon who buys old tables, strips the ugly orange varnish off them, and re-varnishes them.  Her name is Emma and I love her work!  She delivered this to us last week and we’re so pleased with it.  You can find her on Facebook (Emma’s Emporium) if you’re after beautiful restored furniture.


And what other news?  Oh how could I forget?


We have been watching Trump’s first moves with such a strange mix of emotions — curiosity, fear, disappointment, hilarity — but mostly it’s just horrifying!  Add to that the Brexit mess and really I just try not to engage because it makes me so mad.  I just don’t know what to make of it all…?!  It’s very strange times.

Anyways I hope you are all well — enjoying the summer if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, enjoying the winter if you’re up here in the Northern Hemisphere… I spoke to my parents today and it’s snowing like crazy in New Jersey.  They were up to six inches before lunch and it didn’t look like it was stopping.  Wish we could have that over here — maybe in a few days.

Big hugs everyone!