Autumn is here!

Already a month since I last wrote!  Where does the time go?  I turned 35 at the end of September and I have no idea where the past few years have gone.  They definitely seem to go faster and faster.

Plenty of things to report from Cardiff.  DIY projects continue both inside and out.   Goodbye cabbage tree!  Thankfully, that is not Aled with the chainsaw.

tree cut down

Next step was to dismantle the little summer house which was taking up far too great a percentage of our “arable land”.  Rumour has it this little house will be reconstructed as some sort of chicken hotel at my in-laws’, bringing organic free-range eggs to a whole new level.


And then we had the chimneys re-pointed before any big winter storms hit.  Builders hard at work as always…


As for the inside of the house, no other projects have been completed but we have got our hands on some lovely bedroom furniture, the guest bed mattress and frame, and some more bookshelves, so we’re finally starting to feel more settled.  We’ve had several quotes through for the kitchen but have decided to use the joiner who made the existing bespoke cabinets to extend them to create a breakfast bar type area.  To do that, we needed to raise that window and re-locate a radiator.  Then there’s that mystery bit of the wall sticking out on the top left which will get removed…


While I am at work, the boys have been out and about enjoying an absolutely gorgeous autumn here in Wales.  We haven’t seen the leaves change for nine years and it’s something we’ve really missed.


Morgan and Aled have been on quite a few adventures together.  Here’s Morgan at the Museum of Welsh Life at St. Fagan’s, trying to camouflage himself with the traditional ox blood limewash of that cottage.


They’ve been up to the waterfalls near Blaen-y-Glyn…


And Aled was determined to get him up Pen y Fan, the highest peak in South Wales.  Although it was a big foggy to start with, it cleared up quite nicely.


Here is Morgy with his trusty sherpa.


Morgan loves rocks above most things so he was in his glory.  Aled assured me that no sheep (or stray hikers) were injured as he launched some off the side of the mountain.


In other news… everyone is very excited about the World Cup and it looks like Weta has come to town!  This ball in the castle wall looks awesome and feels very Wellington to me.  We can’t believe it’s been four years since the last RWC — and I must admit it’s very nice to be able to watch all the games in the same timezone.  Poor old Wales lost to Australia last night but more importantly, they beat England two weeks ago so who cares?  As far as the Welsh are concerned, they’ve already won the tournament.


So that’s all for now folks.  Oh no wait, you were all dying to see a picture of that marrow I was talking about last time.


One marrow down, one to go!!!  We have marrow in soups, in bread, roasted, in veggie lasagnas…  honestly, who knew it was so versatile?  Happy harvest Northern Hemispherites!