Back to work!

So tonight is my last night as a stay at home mom!  I heard last Monday that I got the job at the International Baccalaureate office in Cardiff.  Yay!  It’s a three month contract to help with some project scoping….  as usual, business analysis type stuff, trying to understand the gaps between old and new processes and provide advice to the business.  Anyways if you’ve never heard of the IB, it’s a non-profit educational foundation which supports international schools around the world to deliver a pretty rigorous curriculum.

I’m both excited and nervous about going back to work but mostly just excited.  Hahaha who would have ever thought one would prefer work over staying at home?  Of course I’ll miss some moments with Morgan and Aled but it’s an exciting next step and I’m just ready to get on with it!  And it would be nice to see some money coming into the bank account rather than the steady stream out… just quietly.

The last week at home has been as busy as the first three with DIY and settlement activities continuing at a very fast pace.  My husband continues to amaze us all with his versatility.  Here he is at work on our inbuilt bookshelves:


Well better said, my bookshelves… for all my books from various phases of my life which I’ve never had all in one spot.  As I may have previously written, I never shipped my belongings from New Jersey to New Zealand so this is the first time since leaving college in 2002 that I’ve seen all my books and belongings in the house where I’ve actually lived.  It was a big moment and kind of emotional to admire all the titles that have shaped my outlook on life.


While Aled constructs, I destruct.  (Let’s face it.  I’m the unskilled DIY labour in this household!)   We’ve detested these tiles since we saw the house in February and it was time for them to come down — mostly because the builder needs to investigate that strange bit of the wall sticking out above the stove.  Any guesses on what it is?  (Note the J. Crew green pants from 1996.  Yes.  They were shipped from NJ to NZ and now to Wales and they are still going strong!!  I tell you they don’t make things like they used to.)


We’ve also had double-glazing installed on the back side of the house, which is something we’ve been waiting for for years!


While the windows went in, Morgy and I took a trip down to a beautiful beach on the south coast of Wales called Southerndown.  It’s about a 45 minute drive southwest of Cardiff.  Morgy loved it because there are plenty of “rah rah” (rocks) to throw in the “wa wa” (water).


As if this wasn’t enough action for one week (!) we also had some kiwi visitors, Morgan and Anna.  Anna’s been working in London for about 2.5 years and Morgan’s just arrived.  Here they are with Aled and Morgy at the National Museum Cardiff.  It’s always so nice to see some familiar kiwi faces and I haven’t heard the “accint” for a while so I was laughing when I caught Morgan saying “ahrickin” (I reckon).


Well I am “cream crackered” and have missed most of the Dragon’s Den so will stop now.  Wish me luck for my first week back at the coal face.  I will try not to miss this too much: