Cardiff in August

Lots and lots is going on here.  We’re in a race against time to get the house sorted before one of us gets a job.  As I’ve been out of work longer, I’m putting my CV out for any job that looks suitable.  I’ve probably applied for about 50 jobs by now but it seems like sometimes I am launching my CV into outer space.  A fair number of recruiters call me back, which is good, but more often they want to have a conversation with me rather than to let me know I have an interview.

It’s not all bad news though.  Yesterday I had two interviews — one at Cardiff University and one at the International Baccalaureate, both for change management/business improvement type work.  Annoyingly, I was second best for the Cardiff Uni job, but they have shortlisted me for a similar job in another project so perhaps that will work out.  It was a particularly grueling interview — especially considering it was only for a one year fixed term contract.  First I had to do a 30 minute writing assignment, then deliver a ten minute presentation, and then do the 45 minute interview.

Anyways I am not too upset about it but wish I could land myself a perfect job without having to jump through all these silly hoops!  Interviewing definitely is exhausting.

On the home front!  The loft has been vacuumed high and low:


And the skip removed.  Morgy loves this sort of action:


We’ve had a few visitors too which is always nice.  I’ve only got pics of William and Claire’s boys. They’re Morgan’s oldest cousins in this country and he loves hanging out with them.  Turns out Cardiff is a perfect place for a rest if you’re heading towards or away from Pembrokeshire.


To be honest, the weather has been pretty terrible since coming to Cardiff, so we’ve made every effort to get out on the nice days (or in the breaks between the rain!).  This was last Friday’s forecast (and that’s Derek the weather man):


Top of Aled’s list was the Brecon Beacons, the national park about an hour north of Cardiff.  You can see Pen y Fan in the distance there, which is the highest peak in South Wales at 886 meters.


There’s a bunch of reservoirs in the area so we walked up to a pretty one called Upper Neuadd Reservoir.  Look!  Even the dams in this country look like castles!


Strangely, there was very little water behind this dam which was first and foremost quite worrisome, but also disappointing because Morgan’s favorite activity of all time is throwing stones in water.  So we walked back down to the Lower Neuadd Reservoir and found some stones there instead.  Here I am, about to throw Morgy in the water.  (Just kidding!)


On the other non-rainy day (last Wednesday!), we went down to Cardiff Bay to do some more exploring.  Had I known there was a carnival set up down there, I’m not sure we would have gone but hey, we managed to find a parking space so it was all good fun.  I love that red building — which I’ve just wiki’d and found out that it’s the Pierhead Building, which is used by the Welsh National Assembly.


Another interesting building down there is the Millenium Centre, home to the Welsh National Opera.  Usually this sort of architecture isn’t my style but this building really is an impressive site.  It’s got such an imposing, powerful presence.  Very cool.


So that’s about it for now.  We’re having some furniture issues which is annoying.  We ordered some bedroom stuff off the internet (please spare me the lecture I am mad enough!) and unfortunately it’s a few shades to brown/orange?  So it’s going back.  We found some much nicer stuff today but that’s three weeks away.  Suffice it to say I am very sick of living out of our suitcases!