Easter etc

We’ve had some really great weeks since coming back from the Netherlands and some particularly important milestones. First and perhaps most importantly, Morgy turned two!  He looks thrilled right?


We invited some of the neighbours over and every single one of them turned up.  Now that’s something I can’t complain about — this is possibly one of the friendliest neighbourhoods I’ve ever lived in and the Welsh are some of the nicest people on the planet.

It’s also pretty interesting living in these terraced, Edwardian houses and fun to compare and contrast.  From the front, they all look deceptively similar.


But when you go inside someone else’s, you see just how different they are.  Apparently, we have one of the longest kitchens on our side of the street, and a downstairs bathroom (quite coveted!).  I had a ten minute conversation with Peter, Carol and Reisha at the door of our upstairs bathroom as we compared the directions of our bathtubs and the size of our back bedrooms.

More nuances came to light as I talked to the neighbours on the north side of the street, who get the sun through their front rooms.  We’re on the south side so we get the sun in the back of our house, which means our front room is the darker, colder (and draftier!) one.  This is fine with me because it means we will be enjoying barbecues in the back yard in the summer until late (should summer ever arrive!).  [Moving swiftly on.]

There were two other very important milestones for me personally in the week Morgy turned two.  First, I got back on my bike for the commute to work, which was just fantastic!  I love riding my bike — it’s great for fitness, it’s great for the planet, it’s great for clearing your mind — and heck, it’s free!  I’ve never commuted in a car to work until living in Cardiff and it’s just so… annoying.  Anyways it’s great to be back on the bike and it means the boys can have the car without having to drop me off at work first.  Were my muscles sore you ask?  Well my calves were but the quads were fine.  As it turns out, I have no arm muscles left so they couldn’t get sore…!

And — for the dancers amongst us — I did my splits on both sides for the first time in about 2.5 years!  Honestly this nearly brought me to tears — not out of pain but out of … emotion…?  As most of us women do, I think I went into pregnancy quite naively, having no idea what would (or could) happen to my body.  Of course I knew I was risking stretch marks but I didn’t really contemplate other potentially horrifying physical impacts (which most women keep quiet! BIGGEST CONSPIRACY EVER).  You may remember that I had a terrible time with my pelvis while pregnant (and in the years since) and it’s only since doing my splits again that I feel like some semblance of my old body has returned.  Yay anyways for bodies and their resilience.

Right, onto less emotional happenings.  Aled and Morgy were up in the Brecons enjoying the last bits of winter.  We’ve had some comments on the wet nappy in this picture but what can I say?  These are real mountain men!

IMG_7772 (2)

My genius DIY husband called on the skills of his ancestors to build this stone raised bed so he can show Morgy how vegetables grow this summer.  I don’t even think Aled googled this — just got up and decided he would build it — sweet as!


And then it was out to Pembrokeshire for Easter.  We had some nice weather on Friday so went down to Newport Sands but then it turned to custard unfortunately on Saturday (and not the edible type).


There’s Morgy and Kate near the newly planted fruit trees — six of which are ours.  Three plums and three apple.  We’re expecting our first harvest in summer 2018.  (I’ve paid very expensive botanical consultancy and planting fees to secure the sunniest part of this orchard!  Yeah right, thanks Steve!)


And the egg hunt.  No need for an Easter basket when you’ve got a dump truck!


With many thanks to Nana and Teidi for having us all for Easter!