February already

Hello everyone!  Check this out:


Wahoo!  The kitchen is 99% done — just a windowsill to go — AND the sun was shining in Cardiff yesterday!  Hardly believable I know!  Don’t worry, it only lasted an hour but while it did, I thought I should take a pic of the new kitchen, which we’re really happy with.  We’ve got so much cabinet storage we don’t know what to do with it.  Awesome. I see a slow cooker in my future…

As you may have heard on the news, the weather in the UK continues to be record-breakingly bad and I’m starting to wonder if I’ll ever have the need for the following…




Definitely not!  And finally… the washing line…


As they say in New Zealand: Yeah, nah.  Unless of course you wanted to wash your clothes on the line… Now that I mention it, maybe I’ve been using the washing line all wrong here in Wales!!

I’ll stop complaining about the horrid weather for a moment and rave about the additional counter space I now have for baking!  Here is Morgy helping me with the gingerbread muffins…


Right, now back to the weather.  (I’m becoming very British you see!)  Aled has managed to get out on the two sunny days in January — first when Uncle Ceri came down from Bangor just after New Year’s.  Here are the boys on top of Pen y Fan, the highest peak in South Wales.  Look!  Morgan has perhaps inherited some of my dance moves:


And with Uncle Ceri:


No one can argue with this view of the Brecon Beacons:


The winter has been exceptionally mild but there was one cold snap in January which brought some snow.  Aled was determined to take Morgy out to see it and here they are building a snow igloo:



Unfortunately the few hours of sunshine that have shone in the past two months have been while I’ve been at work however we did get out on one weekend — and what better thing to see in Wales than waterfalls?  These ones are up by Ponsticil.


A million thanks to Auntie Claire and Uncle William and boys for the hand me down rain gear… without which we’d be totally house bound!


By now I just suit him up and out we go to stomp in puddles, which he loves.  In fact, on the drier days he’s a bit disappointed if we go to the park and there’s no puddles.  He’s definitely come to the right place.  So yeah, it’s just me really who has a problem with all this wet and cold!  Honestly, you’d think there was a limit to how much water could fall from the sky but no.  It just keeps coming.  Perhaps we should sell it to Australia or something?  And the mud!  I HATE MUD.