Happy New Year!

So I’ve been back at work a week already — well I exaggerate, it was only three days.  I’m still in the NZ mode of taking at least two weeks off at Christmas.  Can you believe some people actually go to work in between Christmas and New Years?!?  Amazing!

We had a nice break (much-needed!) full of family and fun so I am feeling far more rested and energised than I did before Christmas.  I’ve posted most of the good Christmas pictures on Facebook so I will only post a couple of them here.  This was the present-opening on Christmas Day at Glan y Mor…


… and this is the present-opening back at home on the 29th.  As you can see, Morgy is obsessed with dump trucks!


All in all, it was a great holiday and it was great to catch up with our UK family.  The only thing missing was the American contingent!  Special thanks to my in-laws, Ann and Steve, for hosting all of us — they deserve medals for honour and bravery after producing food aplenty for twelve on Christmas Day and seventeen on Boxing Day!  Not to mention a steady stream of tea and Christmas cake in the days after.  Fifty gold stars!

Over New Years we hosted Steph, Doug and Albert who came all the way from Essex to see us.  Steph is originally from Yorkshire but we met at my last stint at the NZ Department of Conservation in Wellington in late 2013.  Albert is six months younger than Morgan and was a really good sport, even after having vehicle after vehicle snatched from his hands by a small Viking pillager.


After posting that photo, I feel I have to catch you up on some of the other visits we received late last year.  Richard and Julia were with us for a night or two in November.  They were over in the Netherlands visiting Richard’s family and took another flight to Cardiff.  Oh look!  That was the last time I felt sun on my face in 2015.  (Sad but true!)


Then came Megan from Dunedin, a good friend from my early days at Inland Revenue.  She was on a round the world ticket with stops in LA, Florida, and the UK.  So glad she made the trip to see us!

And then Loughlan emailed to say he was in London and leaving for Wellington soon.  I was lucky enough to work with Loughlan on two of his dance films and he is one of  my favourite dance teachers of all time.  He’s been touring the UK and some of Europe with the Royal NZ Ballet. Miss you Loughlan!!


It’s been great to see everyone but it also makes me homesick for NZ!!  I hate saying goodbye to people — ugh.  Thanks everyone for making the effort to come see us!  Sorry the weather has been so wet.  Please come in the summer next time 😉

So what else is new?  DIY projects continue but the end is in sight for the kitchen project.  Aled did all the sanding and priming last weekend and we put the top coat on yesterday.  Finishing touches today and tomorrow and then cabinets come on Tuesday — wahoo — extractor fan and tiles to follow.  So by the next time I write, there will be a finished kitchen (or else!).


Obvious note: DIY is much easier to do without a toddler in the house.  Never again!

Nothing much else to report.  With the weather continuing to be THE WORST EVER IN THE HISTORY OF BRITAIN we entertain ourselves as best as possible indoors.  “Dada” sets house records with Morgy’s new blocks…


… and Morgy makes his own wonderful creations.  Look!  This is a dinosaur.


What will this little human endeavour to do next??

Speaking of hopes and dreams — what’s on my 2016 to do list you ask?  Good question.  Usually I’m zealously writing a list of cool things to tackle but this year I tentatively scribbled a list in my journal titled “things that will probably happen in 2016”.  Oh parenthood!  What are you doing to me!?!?