Nearly 3!

Hi everyone!  Happy March!  And one more week until Morgan turns 3!  7th of March was my original due date — let’s glance back at what I looked like at that point shall we??


Crikey!  That was taken as I waddled down the hill into Newtown for a curry to try and convince the Little Dragon to come out!  To no avail.  Honestly, how ridiculous was that bump!?!?

We’ve come a long way since then… Look!  He’s nearly potty trained — yay Morgy!  I’ve heard from some parents that they hated (or dread) potty training but I think it’s been awesome.  Every time I hear Morgy flush the toilet it’s music to my ears!


On a less fun note, in February we caught bug after bug after bug.  Actually it was more like from mid-January onwards.  First we had colds, then I caught some horrible flu-like thing in the last weekend of January.  Then Morgan caught another cold which turned into an ear infection.  He was on antibiotics for a week and then as soon as that cleared up he got a virus that make him puke all over his (now beloved) dino duvet.  The poor thing.  It has been exhausting and of course being housebound for several weekends straight was pretty darn BORING — but Dadda is awful good at finding ways to have fun inside…


Momma kept herself from going insane by creating  a collage of old postcards which she’s collected or received over the years.  Now just waiting for the Facilities Manager to hang it up 😉


On one of the only bug-free weekends (by miracle), we had some lovely visitors — Kath, Rich, Nic and Liz.  Rich and Nic are childhood friends of Aled’s from Pembrokeshire and it was great to catch up all together.  We did a roast and it was an awesome way to christen the new table!


In other news, we are in a new phase of DIY having had a pretty decent break from it in the second half of 2016.  The new boiler has been installed in the downstairs loo (after a significant delay!).  Hopefully the rest will be sorted by the end of the month — fingers crossed!


Meanwhile, I’ve been painting sash window frames for the upstairs bay windows.  This is step 6 of this 20 step process…  It’s only fair as Aled did the downstairs ones but it does seem to be dragging on.  We got them delivered from the carpenter in late November and at this rate they won’t be installed until Easter at the earliest.  May is probably more realistic.


They will eventually be installed in our bedroom.  I had to share this picture as this is one of my favourite parts of this house!  There’s plenty of room for dancing in this bedroom.


In the past week or two we’ve managed to get out a little bit.  Here’s Morgan with his little buddy Fern in our backyard.  Fern is the daughter of my friend Becky from ballet.  She’s an ecologist who specialises in bats so we try to go out for walks with these two cutie pies when it’s not raining.


It was Saint David’s Day here in Wales on the 1st of March.  Ironically on that day a stubborn little daffodil pushed through our weed barrier and slate chippings by the front path to remind us that spring is on the way!  Despite a few chilly days this week you can feel the British spirit soaring at the prospect of warmer weather.


And finally last Thursday Morgy and I took the train to Penarth and shared lunch on the pier.  It was a nice day out.