November 2017

Hello and greetings from Cardiff! Life continues to be relatively busy — although you may not gather that from the photos I typically post… rest assured I go to work during the week in a really boring business park to the north of the city. Perhaps I should show you our typical weekly routine: where we go to work, where Morgy goes to nursery, where we do our grocery shopping…! All to ensure that you know that we live a normal, conventional life during the weekdays. 😉

Yeah nah… not this time anyway! Let me catch you up instead on our recent out-of-the-ordinary excursions.

Shortly after I last posted we were out in Pembrokeshire for the weekend to visit Aled’s old high school in Fishguard before it’s demolished (to be replaced by a newer, less asbestos-y building!):


We caught up with Nic and Liz while we were there.  Nic and Aled had a great time reminiscing about their days spent at Fishguard High School.  You’ll see them here in the old computer lab (where Aled’s illustrious software development career began!).


I was interested to see that the school had some vocational elements to it. Here’s Liz and Morgy at the salon!  Aside from those elements, it looked very much like my own high school in Franklin Lakes, NJ.  And smelled like it too… schools all over the world seem to have that same, janitor-associated smell.  I think it’s the mops they use… but I can’t say for sure.


There was a pretty big storm blowing while we were there as you can see from these gigantic waves hitting the north Pembrokeshire coast — view from Aber Mawr beach. No surfing for Aled this weekend unfortunately.


On the way back home we made sure to stop at some un-visited Pembrokeshire secrets, such as Dylan Thomas’ writing shed:


Dylan Thomas is probably Wales’ most famous author/poet (“Rage rage against the dying of the light” — yes that one) so we made sure to stop at his home and writing shed in Laugharne (pronounced of course with almost none of the middle letters of this word “Larn”). His little blue writing shed had a distinctly kiwi feel to it.

After a light lunch at Thomas’ house we headed further east to another Pembrokeshire beach which I’d never visited before called Pendine Sands.


We popped into the very tiny “Museum of Speed” to see Babs, a car that set the land speed record in April 1926 (171 mph) here at Pendine Sands.


Back in Cardiff, we are really focusing as much as we can on bike riding and swimming, although a recent ear infection has stymied the latter…

IMG_3129 (2)

Morgy and I also continue to meet up with Becky, Fern and Hazel (bug permitting!) on my days off. Here we are at Newport Wetlands, an excursion we’ve been dying to take for a few months now… we finally made it!!


Good on Becky getting out with two little girls!


We were just out this past Friday at the turbine in Forest Farm looking for salmon jumping up stream – but no luck.  Gorgeous day though!


Aled’s been out and about with Morgan in the Brecons…


And there are moments when we’re not sure whether we’re in Wales or New Zealand… (as per the strapline of this blog!)…


We’ve been out to Southerndown to get some surf in for Dadda…


And some kite-flying for Momma and Morgy.  I actually really love that kite — I find flying it very meditative and relaxing.


Nanna and Taidi also came to visit for a few days, which was a great help because I had to go in to work for an organisation-wide briefing on a Thursday morning. On Friday we puttered around Cardiff which looks lovely with all the xmas decorations up. I don’t have a great pic of Nanna and Taidi but I got a nice one of the lights in the arcades, which are my favourite things in Cardiff city centre.  They’re really fun to wander around — and if I didn’t have a toddler they would be a nice place to relax and have a cup of tea and watch the world go by.  (I’ll pencil it in for 2032 shall I?)

All in all it’s been a relatively dry November (much to my relief!!). The temperatures have really dropped in the past few days but that also mostly coincides with sunny weather. Generally speaking, I don’t care what the temperature is as long as it’s not raining…! So we went out yesterday to another un-visited spot called Nash Point.  It’s along the same coast as Southerndown so the cliffs are pretty awesome.

IMG_3139 (2)

It was very cold and windy out there but we have the gear so we went for it.

I’m always amazed at the workmanship from centuries ago.  Nash Point lighthouse was built in 1831-2 and according to Wiki was the last manned lighthouse in Wales, being automated in 1998!  Honestly this automation stuff is ruining some pretty fantastic jobs don’t you think?!  😉


We ended the day yesterday naturally with the Wales vs. New Zealand match. It was a pretty good game — hilarious to watch at the Morgan Evans house because we were cheering and groaning any time either side made a mistake… pretty funny actually! And of course in the beginning we made sure Morg practiced his haka moves.

IMG_3163 (2)

Well that’s all from us for now — happy belated Thanksgiving to all the Americans around and about. We’ll do a Thanksgiving meal with our neighbours Paul and Anurag next weekend. And then it will be time to get a Christmas tree! I can’t believe it’s nearly 2018.  Big hugs to everyone and enjoy the Christmas and Hannukah festivities coming up!