Our Morning Walk

After eating breakfast, Morgan likes to take a walk outside.  So we put on our shoes, head out the door and then up towards the field.  On the left you can see Taidi’s big barn and on the right behind behind the pile of fence posts you’ll see the chicken coop.


If there are no chickens around, Morgan hangs a left into the barn to inspect the Land Rover, concentrating mostly on the dirtiest elements.


We then carry on towards Nana and Taidi’s backyard on the little stone path.  At this juncture, Morgy bends down and gathers as many small stones as he can.  You will find out why in a moment but first we must terrorise some chickens.


Right.  With that job done, we carry on to the furthest corner of the garden where we will begin our daily set of complicated scientific experiments.  First we are testing Newton’s law of universal gravitation in this large glass jar.  Tick.


In this ceramic jar over here, we contemplate the early theories on matter.  Morgy is currently formulating his thoughts on Plato’s Theory of Forms one stone at a time.  Specifically he is grappling with “how can one thing in general be many things in particular?”.  Good thing there are at least a million small pebbles in this garden!


This jar also conveniently has water in the bottom of it so we can test Archimedes’ Principle.  Morgy is especially interested in Archimedes’ application of the Method of Exhaustion and was mulling it over at 4AM this morning in his cot at the top of his lungs.


Just in case that ceramic jar was spoiling the results, we tested displacement again in this metal watering can.


Ever the skeptic, Morgy decided to test another interesting hypothesis: Does the taste of the stone impact the size of the splash?


Eureka!  Tastier stones make a bigger splash.  Moving on to some place new all together…


At the top we have discovered a very interesting hole in one of the planks, which will again aid in our gravitational experiments.  But wait!  I think I can hear a broom broom!


Quick Mom!  Enough of these silly experiments.  I want to go with Daddy and Taidi in the Land Rover to see the other field.


And off he went!