Progress on the house

Aled has made amazing progress on the house, despite some very sad news in the meantime.  Uncle Martin, who was diagnosed with a rare blood cancer last year, passed away on June 30th in Exeter Hospital.  It’s been a sad time for the Evans family.  Martin was a keen stamp collector, with a particular interest in post marks and postal history and has travelled to many, many places on this interesting planet.  He will be sorely missed.

Time marches on though and it seems there’s hardly a moment to stop and reflect.  Life is so busy isn’t it?  It’s a shame that it takes someone’s passing to take the time to appreciate our loved ones.

So this will be a very short blog post, but I wanted to show some progress on the house in Cardiff.  (And who doesn’t love some before and after pictures?)  Here’s the front lounge before:

living room

And here’s it with the floors sanded — better eh?


And here’s the second lounge/dining room before:

second living room

Interesting colour choices which needed some, what should we say, softening…?


And the upstairs front bedroom before:


And now, a little bit messy but you get the idea.


Many thanks to Ken the amazing decorator who soldiers on in our absence!  Can’t believe we are paying someone to paint but desperate times call for desperate measures.  He’s really speeding through it.

That’s all for now folks as I’ve got to clean up the big house before my inlaws get back from Devon!  We’ve since moved out of Maen Gwyn where we spent the last 7 months because it’s going to be let to holiday makers from next week and I’m holding down the whole fort: four fields, two greenhouses, two houses, two chickens, and countless potted plants.  Oh yes, and one little dragon… who is thankfully sleeping right now.