Settling in

Hello everyone and greetings from Penylan!  Morgy and I moved in last Tuesday and we haven’t stopped unpacking since.  Every time we cross something off our to do list, at least three other tasks get scribbled on the bottom.  I don’t know how it happens.

So we are slowly getting settled into our new house but “slowly” does indeed seem to be the right adverb.  This is life with a toddler…!  Even though it was hard being separated from Aled while he and the painter and plasterers were working, we know it was better to keep Morgan out of the house until all the dirty work was done.

Last week was a big week.  With both parents “in situ”, we’ve managed to get the house working as a house should.  We vacuumed and wiped it all from top to bottom, a king-size mattress and two sofas were delivered, and the kitchen cupboards have been organised.

Morgy tried to help Daddy as much as he could…


…even though Daddy would have probably been just fine on his own…


Tonight I put out about five bags of recycling and a big stack of flattened cardboard boxes for pick up tomorrow.  You all know how much I love rubbish day right?  Sadly, almost as soon as we unpacked all of our New Zealand boxes, the American shipment turned up!  Just typical.


Morgy loved watching the “broom broom” come down our street, which I personally found a pretty remarkable driving feat.  They reversed an articulated lorry (a truck with two containers) about 150 yards down our narrow, dead end street.


Anyways this is the first time since leaving the US in 2002 that I’ve had all my own belongings physically with me so it’s quite a milestone.  It’s so nice having all my old books and photo albums in the house.  Not to mention some old tutus.  Yes.  I just shipped some old dance costumes across the Atlantic Ocean.  Let’s just say I needed more sequins in my life.

So this is a pic of our street, which I must say is one of the friendliest neighbourhoods I’ve ever lived in.  Two days ago, our neighbours to the left came over with some baking to welcome us.  So sweet.


Nothing much else to report.  I’ve started applying for jobs but no luck so far.   Compared with my experience in Wellington, it seems that the job adverts are far more specific.  They don’t want just any old business analyst.  They want a retail banking business analyst with experience in credit cards.  Hmmm.  School holidays have just started so I don’t think that’s helping matters either.  But we’ll see what happens, fingers crossed something good comes along.

Oh right, the weather has been unusually cool.  The British can talk about weather CONSTANTLY so I don’t want to fall into that trap too much.  All I will say is that the global warming experts really need help with branding.