Spring, where are you?

So! The happenings of the past month! Since I last wrote, the lovely Estelle has come to visit, all the way from a little place in England called Frome, which is south of Bath. She’s an old uni friend of Aled’s and it’s always so nice to see her. Here she is with Aled and Morgan at the Roath Park Glass house in the Botanic Gardens. Definitely a hidden treasure in the area — and another fabulous indoor option for the kiddies on those very rare rainy days ūüėČ


While Momma carries on her business improvement work at the International Baccalaureate, the boys are exploring the surrounding mountains and valleys:


They are also working to master some important life skills:


On sunny weekends we are making the most of our National Trust membership.  This is a photo of the beautiful Dyffryn Gardens, about twenty minutes to our west.


My father in law, previously the Chief Botanical Officer for Pembrokeshire, finds the labyrinth of walled gardens an “incoherent jumble of different species, many of which are non-native” (oh the horror). ¬†I thought they were pretty but what do I know!?


In mid-May we spent a weekend in sunny Wokingham with Aled’s eldest brother William and family. ¬†I’m beginning to realise in the Evans family that if it’s sunny, it’s time for a BBQ. Here we are with Morgy’s cousins Alex, Dylan and Owen, getting ready to devour our burgers and chicken wings, yum!


On Sunday we went to Cliveden, another stunning National Trust property, where we managed to rendezvous with Hefin, Emma and Elis who we had visited in April in Norwich. ¬†Note the stunning shell statue in the background! ¬†While not completely my style, I am recently starting to lament the quality of things being built this day and age and can’t help but compare it to these grand structures that were made so many decades, even centuries ago! ¬†Those craftsmen should really be proud of themselves.


And check out these gardens — pretty awesome!


Fun was had by all! ¬†Look — all five of the UK Evans grandsons in one heap! ¬†If only Osh and Tali from NZ were here!


The next day we headed for home via Grey’s Court, my favourite National Trust property yet. ¬†While still an obviously large house, I could actually imagine living in this one — if we won the lottery of course!


There were very nice walled gardens beyond the house, complete with 12th century tower.


There were also wisteria vines that were 125 years old and I am currently totally obsessed with wisteria, which is blooming all over the place at the moment. ¬†Spring has definitely sprung in the UK and it’s been beautiful to see all over the country.


So that’s what we’ve been up to lately… ¬†In other news, we’ve reached a big milestone with regards motherhood. ¬†Morgan and Aled went to Pembrokeshire on Monday without me to help wean Morgy off breast milk! ¬†So I’m on my lonesome at home (PARTY IN PENYLAN EVERYONE!!). ¬†I’m simultaneously happy and sad to stop breast-feeding. ¬†It’s been such a big part of life since Morgan arrived but the time has come to move on. ¬†What an emotional roller coaster this motherhood stuff can be, honestly!

Right, hope everyone is well — sun dances for the Northern Hemisphere summer please — and hopefully not too many gales battering Wellington!