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When I last wrote, the boys were out in Pembrokeshire so we could wean Morgy from the boob. Turns out it was way less emotional and scary than I thought it would be which was a relief. Strangely I thought I would be desperate to have many, many glasses of wine in celebration but I haven’t really felt like it. Turns out two glasses are more than enough anyways. I think because I’ve been so sleep deprived for so long now that the thought of conscientiously consuming something that will reduce the quality of my sleep is just not appealing. Oh how life changes!

So this is what the men got up to in Pembs — you may remember this summer house was installed in the corner of our very tiny garden when we first bought this house. It’s been rebuilt in a much more suitable location in my in-laws’ field.


Soon after returning from Pembrokeshire, we celebrated Aled’s 42nd birthday!  We were blessed with a sunny day so went out for a hike in the Brecons.


Back at home, we sang Dada “hatty dirty” and blew out the candles.  Morgy is a huge fan of birthday cake — he waits impatiently here as Dada cuts his lemon and elderflower drizzle sponge in the backyard on a very sunny day indeed.


That weekend we also enjoyed a day out at the miniature railway at Heath Park.  It’s only open on a select few days of the year so you have to pay attention.  Many thanks to Armanda, Phil and Daniel for keeping us in the loop!


In the first week of June, my parents and Gramma made the trip over to Wales for a visit.  Here’s my Dad, Gramma, me and Aled overlooking the harbour at Little Haven, Pembrokeshire, where we rented a holiday house.


In true American style, we got out and explored lots of Pembrokeshire.  Here’s Morgy and Grampa at Nolton Haven beach:


Dada and Morgy surfing at Whitesands:


The Morgans on a Ramsey Island circumnavigation:


The puffins at Skomer Island — absolutely adorable birds these ones!


My Mom on a hike up Dinas Head:


A walk on the Parrog by Newport with my mother-in-law Ann:


I love this sailboat — it must moor near Newport because I’ve seen it coming into the Estuary before.  Sorry I’ve been distracted…


And finally off to Pembroke Castle, which was a first for me and Morgy.  Coincidentally this castle was used as the backdrop for the tear-jerking film I went to go see last weekend with my sister-in-law Angela, Me Before You.  Bring the tissues ladies!!


As always, it was great to see my parents and Gramma but I really, really hate saying goodbye!  It’s the hardest part of expat life for sure.  I miss them so much!

Well as soon as we got those sheets dry, more visitors arrived on our doorstep… Uncle Ceri, Auntie Angela, Kate and Rachel from North Wales!


There’s few things cuter than the cousinly-love that Morgy and Kate share:


(Hopefully it goes no further than hand-holding, hahaha!)  Weather on day two wasn’t the best so we headed up for my favourite, um I mean, Morgy’s favourite trip — the Brecon Mountain Railway!  Such an awesome train.


Enjoyed by all, big and small!


Great to see everyone, thanks for making the trip to see us XOXOXO.

So yes, just a few things going on here 😉  In between I’ve been working, working, working.  Haven’t won the lottery yet unfortunately.  Anyways, hope you’re all well.  Fingers crossed that Britain doesn’t leave the EU tonight.  (Great idea Cameron!)