The loft

Back at the ranch, the DIY continues. Next up is the loft space (also known as the attic!), which is in sore need of re-insulation. What?! you ask. Yes. I too was expecting it to be fully insulated to a very high energy rating but alas we have some work to do in that department to ensure we are toasty next winter.  But that’s ok.  By now Aled and I are insulation experts so we’re just getting on with it as soon as we can so we can move on with life.

This is what the attic looked like two days ago.  I must say I will never understand how or why people think that attics are dumping grounds.  Especially when they are selling a house.  Do you honestly think I want all this crap laying around?


On the up side, there are sometimes treasures to be found, such as these china plates which are now on our Welsh dresser (along with a caulking gun):


It’s always fun to find some blasts from the past to remind us of days gone by:


And even some interesting news articles…  this one is from January 1982.


Aled also found this wasp nest… luckily EMPTY!


After all the random bits and bobs were removed, it was time to start on the old insulation.  As usual, we had one very keen volunteer…


That’s after our first go.  Now I’ll need a trusty wet/dry vac.  You all know how much I love vacuuming!


It’s a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it…



Right, that’s been a nice break.  Aled did the morning shift so I better get suited up.