Work and other things

Hey everyone!  Up in the middle of the night and can’t go back to sleep so why not take the time to write a blog post?!  Going well here in Cardiff.  I finished my third week of work on Friday and am happy to be back in the mines.  😉

The International Baccalaureate is an interesting place to work and the people are super friendly!  I’m on a project which is looking at improving their main IT administration system, so learning lots about portals, databases, and tables, etc., while trying to keep everyone focused on the “user journey”.  Anyways it’s good to be back in a routine again although it’s all very exhausting.  The first few weeks always are though so I think things will get easier.

Leaving Morgan at home was hard but not terrible because he’s at home with “Dada”.  The boys are having lots of fun at home, still doing some DIY but mostly just keeping the household under control and going for walks in the parks.  They’ve also been on a few excursions to the Museum in St. Fagans and the Brecon Beacons but I can’t find the camera anywhere so those pics will have to be managed another day.

We went back to West Wales over the August bank holiday and those pictures definitely need to go up here.  Pembrokeshire is a very beautiful spot, especially on a sunny day.  Here we are with Ann and Steve on the Coastal Path (up from Pwll Gwaelod).


Morgy loves the beach so we headed down to Cwm yr Eglwys that afternoon.


It was nice to be back at Glan y Mor, to catch up on the happenings, see what was going on in the fields, etc.  Morgan was also delighted to see his old buddies the chickens.


Ann and Steve hardly sit down in the spring, summer and autumn as there’s always a plant needing watering or fruit ready to be harvested.  We came back to Cardiff with a pile of frozen black currants, a bunch of apples, and a gigantic marrow.  I will try to remember to photograph this marrow and show you how big it is.

Anyways on the Sunday we went down to Newgale so Aled could do some surfing.  Morgy didn’t mind that the wind was a bit chilly — further evidence that we couldn’t possibly be related! — he just loves the sand and the sea.


And here he is having his first surfing lesson — how exciting!


And then up Dinas Mountain in the afternoon — the gorse and heather were in full bloom and it did look rather lovely.


The three day weekend went far too quickly, especially for someone who has been off for nearly 18 months!  I personally find the four day work week an illusion.  It should go faster but I think everyone tries to cram just as much into the four days as they would normally the five so generally I find them, well, unpleasant.

The other pictures I feel compelled to share were taken last weekend when we went to the Gower Peninsula, which is about a 45 minute drive to the west of Cardiff.  It’s got some amazing beaches, some of which I have to say I think are on par with New Zealand’s!  Here’s the view over Three Cliffs:


It had a little something for everyone.  A castle for Mommy:


A cliff for Daddy:


And a rock pool for Morgy:


So that was a nice day out.  Now what else?  There have been some interesting things going on in the news this past week which I feel like commenting on.  The biggest news here is about the Syrian refugees, and god what a disaster 🙁  On the upside, Angela Merkel is turning into a hero of mine.  I didn’t agree with her approach to the Greek debt crisis but she is rising above party politics and doing the right thing now with what is being called the “migrant crisis”.  Finally an inspirational leader.  We need more of those on this planet!

Other big news in Britain this week was that Queen Elizabeth’s reign surpassed that of Queen Victoria.  She’s now been on the throne for over 63 years!!  I personally think that’s long enough but hey, rock on lady.

And finally, like everyone in New Zealand I’m sure, the Welsh are getting excited for the start of the World Cup.  In this household we will root for Wales and New Zealand and hope that at least one of them wins it.  What about America you ask?  Well, let’s just hope they don’t embarrass themselves too much hey?